Before the session You will be mailed all the information you need to plan appropriately for your session as well as general business practices. You are always welcome to call and ask questions before we meet.

The Session

Plan on a very enjoyable experience. Linda provides powerful direction, guidance and facilitation that evokes your natural self-expression. She is easily inspired by individuals and their uniqueness; you will feel that inspiration during your session and may notice the difference it brings to your photo shoot experience as well as the final photographs.

Sessions may take place in a variety of settings. Linda will discuss with you before hand what setting will best meet your needs and desired results.

Outdoor sessions are typically booked in the early morning or late afternoon to take advantage of the best natural light.

Prepare yourself to be surprised and delighted with the actual experience of the session as much as you are with the end result.

After the Session

Approximately two weeks after your session you will meet with Linda for your viewing and ordering session. During this session, you and Linda will finalize the details in this creative process so that every aspect of your order is given the attention needed to create beautiful art for your home and more. Only images ordered within 30 days of your session are archived by the artist.